Introducing SWFT

Business System Design

Get ahead of the competition with a fully customized system designed exclusively for your industry. Our solution includes advanced tools, streamlined processes, and smart automations to help you stay relevant, increase efficiency, and achieve your business goals.

System Features

SWFT has generated thousands of leads and appointments with its automated system which allowed to save money and time for both business and agency owners on what works and doesn’t work.


Generate leads with a high converting website 


Automate SMS, Email, and Social Messaging with customers


Schedule qualified appointments for your teams


Collect orders, invoices, and/or subscriptions

Always At Your Fingertips

Our mobile app lets you manage your business conversations seamlessly on-the-go. With our user-friendly interface, you can easily stay on top of your communication with clients and prospects, respond to inquiries promptly, and follow up on leads efficiently. With all your conversations in one place, our app streamlines your workflow, saving you time and helping you stay connected to your business from anywhere.

Stay Connected

Our custom system integrates multiple tools and services, allowing for seamless workflow and automated data transfer. Easily connect with various platforms, including CRM, marketing automation, and accounting software. This enables you to streamline data transfer, saving you time on manual entry, while providing real-time access to your data. By optimizing your workflow, our multiple integrations increase efficiency and improve your business processes.

See It In Action

Our partner site provides a fully functional website that demonstrates the capabilities and functionality of our custom system. By exploring the site, potential customers can see firsthand how the system works and experience how it can benefit their business. The site provides a ready-to-go business that shows how our custom system can be adapted and configured to suit their unique needs.


Custom Plan

Have a full business system built for you at a fixed cost where you own it 100%

Partner Plan

Qualify for a business partnership and receive unlimited backend support to help scale

Discuss your future project with one of our consultants

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